The EEOC invited Workplace Investigations Group's President, Lorene Schaefer, to its D.C. headquarters to provide expert testimony on how to improve its investigation and conciliation processes. Her written testimony can be read on the EEOC's site by clicking here.

You can also download a pdf copy of her written testimony.
EEOC Written Testimony.pdf
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Attorneys Who Investigate Workplace And Title IX Allegations


Workplace Investigations Group ("WIG") makes it easier for corporate counsel, EEO Compliance Officers, Title IX officials and their organizations to connect with employment attorneys who have the necessary skills, time and ability to conduct an impartial and objective investigation into allegations of workplace or school misconduct such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and sexual violence.  


WIG created a national directory where corporate counsel, EEO Compliance managers, and employers can more easily connect with attorneys throughout the country who know the applicable law, have the relevant skill set, and understand the throes of administrative proceedings and litigation.  WIG is the first and only directory to provide a nationwide listing exclusively comprised of attorneys who also serve as investigators into misconduct claims in work and school settings.


All of the attorney investigators who are listed in WIG's Directory have a minimum of ten years of employment law experience and meet WIG's Expert Qualification Criteria.  They are all also committed to meeting the Responsibilities of WIG Expert Investigators.  


In meeting these criteria, WIG investigators are well positioned to investigate alleged misconduct in schools and workplaces that may also implicate Title IX, Title VII and related Civil Rights laws.   Some of the attorney investigators in the WIG Directory are also available for retention by plaintiff and defense counsel as testifying trial experts in employment litigation in federal and state courts to assist the judge and jury in understanding applicable standards for evaluating an employer's responsibilities and actions as it relates to employee complaints and internal workplace investigations. When retained as a testifying expert witness, WIG experts review the record of evidence developed by the attorneys during the discovery period of the litigation, assess the employer's conduct, and provide their expert report reflecting their opinions.



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